Exciting Things Happening For You in 2022 ! (PICK A CARD) Tarotistas buenas en Madrid. Tarot Telefonico 24 horas

Hello lovelies!
Todays video is a ‘pick a card’ reading. Pick the card you’re most drawn to, to find out ‘Exciting Things Happening For You in 2022’! Once you’ve picked, skip ahead to the timestamp below where I reveal what it is…

🔮Time Stamps:
⭐Card 1: 1:48

⚡Card 2: 32:41

✨Card 3: 59:50

🌙Card 4: 1:24:49

🌟Card 5: 1:51:19





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Tarotistas buenas en Madrid. Tarot telefonico 24 horas

42 respuestas a “Exciting Things Happening For You in 2022 ! (PICK A CARD) Tarotistas buenas en Madrid. Tarot Telefonico 24 horas”

  1. As group 4 .. could that fear card be worried to go back to being outside ‘the confines’ because last time you didn’t do it well?

  2. Pile 1 : 2021 was awful,worst year of my life I literally gave up ,now I don’t know how 2022 will go i just can’t gather my hopeful energy but let’s see

  3. Pile 3: I don’t usually comment on readings but this reading enlightened me a little bit. For the past 3-5 years, I have gone through A LOT of karmic cycles and trauma and bad things happening. All of it made me really depressed and suicidal. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that it’s nobody’s fault but my own. Yes the things that happened to me were shitty and weren’t entirely in my control but it was my own fault for keeping myself in that depressive state by holding onto the past. For 2022 I’m going to do my dam best make this year MY YEAR and claim the queen energy I know I have. I’m tired of living in the best and expecting the worst possible outcome when it come to everything. I know I’m not in control of everything and shitty things can happen but I am in control of how I respond to life. 2022 is going to be a good year. I don’t care what it takes to finally break through this depressive cycle… even if that means I get into manifesting, meditating every day, praying etc… I am going to own this upcoming year and I’m finally going to end this 5 years or horror cycle I’ve been experiencing. Love and light to all of you ❤️ We got this!!! ✨

  4. Thats how you know you can trust her, because she could be enjoying food right now but she said this message is important 😂😂😂

  5. Pile #2 ✨ I’ll be listening to inner self more and being more intentional and brave about change. Thank you Gem! Xoxo 💖

  6. pile 4 – i picked the first card (trust) with the question: will i get in the university i want? and i chose that card specifically cuz it just fell out and felt attracted to it and the answer i got made perfectly sense to the question i had, it’s amazing and at the end it said to write down your goals and ive been writing in a notebook (manifesting) since last year like once a month but whatever i wrote never came true cuz i didnt put any potential in it after writing, from now on im going to do my best to make everything come true

  7. Group 4: I Claim this reading! I am beyond exited for 2022 I have enormous potential and anything and everything I want will come to be in 2022! I wish everyone the same. I am grateful for these opportunities to come ♥️

  8. wow wow just WOW! didn't do a pick a card reading since forever. i picked pile 2 and the way it resonates so damn well with everything i am and everything i'm trying BE? damn gem you're a goddess indeed 🤧🦋✨💘

  9. Pile 3. The reading from this pile was surprising because its spot on and also a confirmation I needed as I have been thinking to move to another city. Hope everything goes well. And I am claiming all the positive energy andp prosperity. 😇💖
    Thank you for this reading!!

  10. #4 Spot on. I feel I got stuck. I'm so craving for travel and exploring………. Thanks for your reading and wishing for my great chapter.

  11. Pile 2 definitely resonated with me because the message aligns with what I am manifesting into existence in 2022. It is confirmation of my dreams coming into fruition as I transition into the next stage of my life (Third Age), "graduating from the workforce" (retirement). I'm letting go of my career to create a new project, a dream of mine. I'm also focusing on me after so many years of taking care of or catering to others. It's about me this time, healing and letting go to move forward. I've been feeling this for a while now. I also plan to pursue an associate's degree in Music at a local city college either in late 2022 or early 2023. Thank you for this reading! It confirms everything for me.

  12. pile 1 : "a YOU year" – movement and achievement on the things you've been manifesting
    – new talent/passion/inspiration, will have desire to go after. Will come to fruition
    – things you create, you will notice it having great progress
    – ppl will be congratulating you, feeling a lot of self-gratitude
    – 2 energy : bridging, bonds, contracts, progress
    – people pleasing energy is ending
    – letting go of the past ; mending. Filling up your cup.
    – taking on a brand opportunity, for sth that you didn't give yourself time for. " i KNOW i need to go into this direction"
    – new kind of "material connection", wanting to build/growth sth
    – not "wishful thinking", about taking action
    – no longer need to "hope", just go DO IT
    – let go of 'limiting beliefs'

    themes: self-growth, moving on from the past, abundance, growth, birth of hidden potential, time to shine

  13. I have been watching these videos from like 4 / 5years I'm 18 now …I don't know …it's tough for me to choose one amongst the piles but I found them like relatable like yeah this is happening but I don't see anything happening after wards maybe I just don't remember after watching the videos or don't hope for or don't believe in it….I don't know ..let's wish best for the year 2022✌️🌠

  14. Group 1
    After the worst year of my life (no exaggeration) you have gave me the biggest gift you could which is hope
    Thank you so much ! I'm looking forward to the new year I'm so excited for the big changes even if they might seem scary xxx